Playgroup Applications

We offer three different groups:
  1. The Tiny Tikes
  2. The Refine Canine
  3. The Trailblazers
Scroll down to read more about each group and apply!

Tiny Tikes Playgroup

Tiny Tikes are dogs weighing up to 25lbs (11kg), however, we may accept larger dogs if the larger breed group is too overwhelming for them - this is on a case-by-case basis. 

We will observe all dogs who exceed the maximum weight for this group.   We'll be observing their personality and behaviour towards smaller breeds in very close proximity to the dog in question and come to a final decision.  Our primary goal is to keep all our small breeds safe. 

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Refine Canine Playgroup

This group is strictly reserved for dogs who do not like:
  1. To be touched, wrestled, body slammed, etc.
  2. Dogs moving into their personal space.
This group’s playstyle characteristics include: This group will most likely attract the herding breeds (Border Collies, Australian Shepards, Kelpies etc.),  However, please note that this group is not exclusive to these breeds.   We look at this distinctive personality and play style that will be welcomed in this group.

In addition to the group mentioned above, The Refine Canine is also an excellent choice for seniors who have slowed down and for dogs who prefer to be on their own without other canines interfering.

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Trailblazers Playgroup

Our Trailblazers are our medium to large breed dogs who represent 4 different playstyles: If your dog’s play represents one or more of these playstyles, then this group is for you! Whether hanging together sniffing or tearing up the park at full speed, your dog will love being a Trailblazer!

If you think your dog will feel overwhelmed as a Trailblazer, then please visit one of our other two playgroups: If you think you have a Trailblazer, then let’s get started by clicking on the tab below!