Agility Park

Calling all agility champions and all those curious about the sport but have never tried it before. Our agility park is open year-round! The weatherproof equipment is a close replica of the agility equipment used in classes; it will withstand our cold Canadian winters. So come on out, weave through some poles, jump through some hoops or just go for a stroll on the dog walk.

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The agility park features a whopping 1-acre field with plenty of agility features. In addition to the agility equipment, it also includes a picnic table, a BBQ for rent, a garbage bin, a poop bag dispenser, access to the porta potty, and a shed to store seasonal equipment. This park is available for 30 or 60-minute bookings.

6 Weave Poles

Low Rise Dog Walk



4 Jumps

Tire Jump


*Advanced use only

CKC Agility Tunnel

*Summer time use only
The agility park is ideal for introducing dogs to agility in a safe environment to gauge their interest as well as for dogs at all levels of agility.


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