Is the property completely fenced?
Yes, the property is completely fenced with a combination of 4' Agricultural Fence (with 4" squares), 5.5' Chain Link Fence, and 6' Wood Fence. The fence is 4 feet high along the west and north side, a combination of 4 feet and 5.5 feet high on the east side, and a 4ft buffer fence to the south. A 6ft wooden fence separates the Agility Park from the Private Park.
Where are you located?
We are located 5 mins south of Calgary city limits. See Map
Do you offer a washroom onsite?
Yes, we are happy to provide you with a porta potty located by the Private Park entrance gate.
Where do I park my vehicle for the Release the Leash Park?
Something came up and I’m unable to keep my booking. Do I need to let you know? Can I get a refund?
Here at MyWalkies, we understand that our lives, just like the weather can be unpredictable at times. There is no need to let MyWalkies know. Instead, we encourage each individual to be self-sufficient in their bookings. This is why we have offered you a rescheduling link attached to your confirmation and reminder emails. Please allow yourself a minimum of 12 hours prior to your booking to reschedule if you need to. Note that computers may be off a few minutes, so please don’t wait till the very last minute to change. Any changes made within 12 hours prior to your walk will be unchangeable. Sorry we do not offer refunds.
I’m not receiving my confirmation emails or reminders. How can I fix this?
When this is the case one or the other could be the problem. Either: a) you typed in the wrong email address when you booked or b) it was sent to your junk mail. Please first double-check to see if it went into your junk mail. If it did, please mark your email as “not junk” so future confirmations and reminders will begin to show up in your inbox. If you typed in the wrong email address, then please let me know right away by way of text: 403-921-4415 or email:, so we can rectify the situation right away.
How do I reschedule my appointment?
Go to either your confirmation email or your reminder email. Scroll down to the bottom. On the right side of the page, click on the tab “Change/Cancel Appointment”. This will take you to your booking page. Scroll down, and under your booking info you will see a tab “Reschedule”. Click on Reschedule and follow the prompts by selecting the preferred date and time that you would like to reschedule.
I’m trying to reschedule but the system won’t let me. What can I do?
This is because you are rescheduling within 12 hours of your scheduled walk. Some of our computers may be off by a minute or maybe even as much as 5 minutes. So for example, if our computer reads 5 pm, but your computer reads 4:59 pm, and you think you still have a minute to sneak in the change, the system will not allow you to as it goes by our computer time. To play it safe it’s always best to reschedule as soon as you know.
I would like to take my dog to MyWalkies, but the day I want is not highlighted.
This means the park is fully booked that day. It could also mean that we are closed – check our hours.
I keep trying to book a walk for a certain day but the times I want are always taken.
If there is a certain time you are looking for, then keep checking (including popular Saturdays), people are always rescheduling for one reason or another. Your ideal time just might come available. Otherwise, book ahead into the future, remember you will have up until 12 hours prior to your walk to reschedule if you need to.