Adventure Park

Coming Soon!
Being a member is great! You’ll be part of an exclusive club that offers your dog the opportunity to make friends in a safe and controlled environment. Your membership will allow your dogs access to a fun, safe, and enriched environment geared towards physical exercise, mental stimulation, and social development surrounded by a responsible and caring community of dog lovers. Your membership will offer you the comfort of knowing that all dogs will be screened to be safe and behaviorally suitable for dog play.

We also offer visitors hourly passes to those who have successfully passed the screening process.

The Adventure Park is ideal for well-socialized dogs who are friendly with other dogs and people. To help ensure small group play, hourly slots will be opened for up to 8 families to sign up at one time.



Small group play in a friendly environment to meet doggy friends as well as human friends. All dogs will be screened for friendliness and are required to be vaccinated to help prevent the spread of diseases and viruses prior to admission through our gates. We offer memberships and day passes.

Adventure Park Reserved for Playgroups (Submit your online application today!)

Playgroups are currently meeting in the Agility Park.