Paws Cruiser

Introducing the machine washable Paws Cruiser while quantities last!


$43.00 each or $75.00 for two.

Total comfort for your dogs and never clean your back seat again! It's a Win-Win!


Machine washable, hang to dry.

Double Sided!

Bottom: 100% oxford material with PVC coating which makes it waterproof!

Top Layer: 100% Microfleece, engineered to be warm, soft, lightweight and comfortable for your dogs, yet resilient and easy to care for.

With these two fabrics combined, your dogs will be warm and comfortable and your car seats clean and dry!

Secured in Place!

The Paws Cruiser will never slide as it’s secured by the seat belt on the backside!

Two Pillows!

The two inflatable side pillows act like a barrier against the door. They zip in and add additional protection and comfort, while also keeping your pets safely in the backseat. The usage of the pillows offers your dogs:
  1. A soft and cuddly place to curl up.
  2. A crash barrier between puppy and door.
  3. Helps keep the puppy in the back seat.
  4. Helps prevent the puppy from jumping out of the car while the door is open.
  5. Helps keep your car door clean.

Extra Travelers?

Simply roll up the Paws Cruiser with the pillow. This will help form its own little “crib” for your small dog.

Fits all Vehicles

Our adjustable straps are easy to use and helps to make it a custom fit in virtually any vehicle. Simply adjust the straps to fit into your smaller car or expand the straps to custom fit your larger vehicle. Measures: 56” x 60” (142cm x 152cm) will fit into any car or truck with four headrests.

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While quantities last.
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