In Sept. 2020, we had to close down our first 2.5-acre private drive-in park after over 3 years of operating on our property, however, that did not stop our vision of where we wanted to take MyWalkies to. In December 2021, we opened up in a new location but that was just the birth of our vision.

As we continue to grow, we are currently open and working on our vision behind the scenes to expand, diversify and elevate the families and their dogs’ experiences at MyWalkies. Thank you all for your patience and support!

Our Story

Visiting public off-leash dog parks with Spirit (my Toy American Eskimo) was always a gamble if we would run into the classic “schoolyard bully” or pet parents unaware of their dog’s inappropriate behaviour.

Then on the morning of Christmas Eve 2001, my worst nightmare became a reality when Spirit was attacked, resulting in three surgeries to save her life. She got lucky and lived through this horrific experience, however even though physically she was healed, emotionally she wasn’t.

One evening in 2016, a casual conversation with my husband somehow got sidetracked. I found myself recalling that frightening day and the struggles I had wishing to find a guaranteed safe place to take her after she healed from her physical injuries, as emotionally she was still struggling with fear. Visiting public parks was stressful and neighbourhood leash walking prevented her from running freely.

I started to wonder if there were others with a similar story; this in turn led to an idea and MyWalkies was born!