Private Park

Now Opened!!

We believe that ALL dogs have the right to have the opportunity to run, play and explore with their family members in a safe environment, regardless of age, breed, disability, life experience or behaviour. Come on out and enjoy!! The area will be exclusively yours during your select booking time!

Private Park Includes: close to 2.5 acres of private off leash fun; a mini forest with Cooper’s trail guiding you through; a wide open field ideal for ball and Frisbee throwing; a resting area to rest your feet; a discovery park (coming this spring); a porta potty (coming this spring); 30 minute and 60 minute bookings.

Ideal for: foster dogs; reactive dogs; high anxiety dogs; dogs healing from surgery; fence fighting dogs; brushing up on training with your dog or just looking for private time with your dog.

Benefits Include: a stress free and relaxing outing for you and your dog; a drive in park; you may invite up to 2 other households to join you. Please note: each household is responsible for their own payment.

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