About Us

Aggressive dogs, dogs bullying other dogs, people not picking up, coyotes lurking in the bushes.   All of this lead to frustration every time I took Spirit, our toy American Eskimo to an off leash dog park.  Then one day my worst nightmare became a reality when Spirit was attacked, resulting in 3 surgeries to save her life.

Today we have a new dog and I am very reluctant of bringing him to an off leash dog park, not wanting nor risking running into those issues again.  We live in DeWinton and are offering 2.5 acres of land to those who are fed up with the public off leash dog parks and for those who are unable to bring their dogs there.   Whether it’s a private walk or a group walk, come on out to throw a ball, brush up on your training or simply run free.

We hope that you enjoy your visit as much as your dog will!

Our dog Cooper
2.5 acre dog park