About Us

Visiting public off leash dog parks with my toy American Eskimo was always a gamble if we would run into the classic “school yard bully” or pet parent unaware of their dog’s inappropriate behaviour.

Then on the morning of Christmas Eve 2001, my worst nightmare became a reality with Spirit was attacked, resulting in three surgeries to save her life.

A few years ago, reminiscing about that frightening day with my husband, we were wondering if others had experienced similar encounters. I had only wished back then that I had a safe place to take her after her traumatic experience. As a result, MyWalkies was born!

In a couple of years of operating on our property, our goal was to go beyond what we were offering. We noticed that some of our visiting dogs were like Spirit; a kind sole who got picked on at the public off leash dog parks. Experiencing an unpleasant encounter or a traumatic experience had robbed her and some of our visiting dogs the opportunity to meet other friendly, well socialized dogs and people. Some of our pet parents who had not experienced the ordeal heard horror stories and like the responsible and caring parents of their canines, they did not want to put their dogs’ physical and/or emotional wellbeing at risk. But something had to change, it wasn’t fair that our well socialized dogs were now lacking the opportunity to establish healthy relationships with other dogs.

I wanted to create a safer environment for the well socialized dog and for all young developing puppies where both their physical and social development is enriched through play and exploration.

Making new doggie friends and meeting new people is just as important to their mental and social development as is their physical exercise. This is why we created the Adventure Park! It will proved a safer environment for the well socialized dog to meet new doggie friends and people.

So whether you’re here to give your dog a private walk, brush up on their agility skills or meet new friends in our Adventure Park, we hope that you will enjoy your visit as much as your dog will!

Our dog Cooper
2.5 acre dog park