Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately after reserving your spot. Please open and read as this will have the detailed info of how to reach the entrance.

1. Drive down our long unpaved driveway at 32038 256 Ave. E. When you reach the bottom, follow the tire tracks on the right side at the bottom of our driveway. It will take you behind our shed and lead you straight to the gate of the park (gate should be open for you). Drive right in and park.
2. Please CLOSE THE GATE before you release your dog in the fenced in acreage.
3. Please show courtesy by leaving the park a couple of minutes early to allow the next person to drive in. Regardless whether there is someone waiting or not, please KEEP GATE OPEN WHEN YOU LEAVE.
4. Please use common sense when entering the off leash area. If you arrive early and someone is still utilizing the off leash park:
a) please do not enter until the walker’s dogs are safely in their car and the walker has opened the gate for you.
b) Drive right in and park in the area
c) Current dog walker will drive out. Please close the gate before releasing your dogs.
It is very important to remember that many users of our park have dogs with various issues. To ensure safety for all dogs and people, please respect your booking date and time and DO NOT enter the off leash area while there is still a loose dog. However if you arrive early (before your scheduled start time) and there is nobody in the park, you may go in and start your walk early.
Thank you.

1. It is a privilege, not a right to use this private property, so please treat it with respect. It is YOUR responsibility to pick up after your dog(s) you are walking. Failure to do so could result in a ban of using our property. Please bring your own plastic bags used for picking up after your dog. If you forget or run out, you will find extra bags by each garbage can around the acreage.
2. Borrow a bag/leave a bag. If you forget you can pick up a bag before starting your walk. If you have an extra number of bags, you can donate to MyWalkies “bag disposal” at either of the two garbage cans provided. The donations are always appreciated.
3. DO NOT leave plastic bags full of poop lying out in the acreage to be stepped on and peed on by other dogs. This is considered littering and disrespectful and will NOT be tolerated.
4. Please tie the poop bag in a knot before disposing the dog’s waste in one of the two garbage cans provided and make sure the lid is secure.
5. If you are caught not picking up after your dog, an immediate ban will take place, you will not be refunded and you will lose your privilege of coming back. Our goal is to keep the area as clean as possible to make it as enjoyable experience for both the people and dogs. Thank you for keeping our acreage clean!
6. PLEASE remember that you are on private property and sharing the area with others, so please treat this property with respect. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for littering. Please place all litter in any of the two garbage cans provided for you. The garbage cans are for both your dog’s waste and for any litter you may have accumulated (including but not limited to paper cups and their lids, wrappers, Kleenex, damage and unwanted balls and Frisbees, etc).
7. SMOKERS – If you wish to smoke during your dog walk, please bring a tin can to discard the ashes and cigarette butt in. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for cigarette butts thrown on the ground and can be a fire hazard.
8. We have no control over Mother Nature. Please be aware that we do live in Southern Alberta and winds can be quite strong. This can result in blowing some trash from one neighbors’ acreage to another. We will do our best to clean up any trash that has blown into the acreage. As a courtesy, if you do find any trash blown into the off leash area, we would appreciate if you can pick up and place in one of the two garbage stations provided, thank you.

1. ALL dog owners/walkers/guardians MUST be over the age of 18yrs.
2. Dog walkers under the age of 18yrs are welcome to join the walks with a responsible adult.
3. Dogs MUST be able to respond to their handler’s voice, sound or visual commands.
4. Frisbee’s and balls are allowed in the off leash area provided you pick up and take them home with you. When tossing the ball/Frisbee, please stay away from fence line.
5. For ALL dog walkers and their guests, bones and chewies are NOT permitted. Training treats are permitted if used in discretion.
6. We are NOT responsible for any items that has been lost or misplaced including but not limited to dog toys (balls, Frisbee’s, chuck-it, etc.), water bottles, jackets, mitts, scarves, hats, sunhats, sunblock, etc. If found, please leave them by the east side gate (gate closest to the house). We will hold on to the items for a few days. Please contact us immediately to increase the odds of being reunited with your lost items.
7. Please be responsible dog owners by providing water for your dog, especially during hot days. We will not be providing water.
8. The acreage on south side of the off leash area has a dog and is sometimes out. We have no control over the neighbour’s dog. Please remove your dog from the south fence line if he is out.
9. There is one gate to the park and the lock to the gate is at the top of the gate. Please try to use if you can. If you are unable to reach the lock then there is a chain you can use. Any areas outside of the fenced in park is NOT considered an off leash area. Please remain within the fenced in park. Thank you.
10. Please DO NOT allow your dog to dig holes around the acreage. If you noticed that your dog did dig, please fill the hole with the dirt that your dog dug out. Thank you.

If you are interested in putting together a Puppy Meet & Greet or a Group Walk, please contact us immediately with the day and time

1. We understand that Calgary and surrounding areas have unpredictable weather patterns and can sometimes not be in our favor. Due to our weather, we allow you to cancel and reschedule your appointment at any time, however it is non refundable.
2. You are responsible for checking the weather conditions and road conditions, as this is out of our control. If you are interested in the condition of the acreage, please either text at 403-921-4415 or call 403-248-5032 or drop us an email prior to booking, however for fastest response please text.
3. We understand that some families may have more than 3 dogs. If you and your spouse fall under this category, then please still book under Option A – as you are still considered one family, but please anything more than 3 dogs must have a 2nd adult (your spouse) with you when walking. Thank you.
4. When booking a private walk with a guest who owns a dog, please click onto Option B – Private Off Leash Dog Walk with 2 – 6 dogs allowed.
All those that qualify for Option B would include:
a) all family members that reside in different residence than yourself.
b) roommates, individuals renting the basement suite, etc. in your home (when doing your taxes, are these people who reside under the same roof as you considered non family? If yes, then option B is what you will book under.
c) all friends/co-workers residing in a different residence than yourself.
5. If selecting Option B, please make sure your guest is aware of the rules and regulations of the acreage prior to arriving, as you, the primary dog walker will be responsible for your guest.
6. We encourage the family to come out and enjoy a country walk together with their dog(s) and children.

1. Unfortunately, we do not provide washrooms on this site at this time.
2. Occasionally there will be ground maintenance. At this time 1 – 3 hr time slot will be blocked off to allow this maintenance to take place.
3. Twice a week we will check and/or removal the garbage by either mini tractor or ATV. At this time, one of us will enter the park as quietly as possible and attempt to stay as far away from you and your dog in the attempt to keeping your walk peaceful.
4. Please address all questions and concerns through email. If you have any negative thoughts, we would appreciate that you bring this to our attention, so that we can do whatever we can to rectify the issue at hand so as to create a more enjoyable environment for you and your dog.
5. If you have enjoyed your experience, please pass the word around!
6. This is a private property and we have zero tolerance for those who do not follow the rules, abuse to animals, people or property.

For everyone utilizing our property, we are NOT responsible for any injury incurred on your vehicle from either self-use, incurred by others, by dogs or by the land itself.
I do hereby certify that I am a responsible dog owner/handler and at least 18 yrs of age and that my dog is friendly with both people and dogs.
I do hereby agree that by booking the use of the property at 32038 256 Ave. E. Foothills, AB – otherwise known as 250078 32nd St., I agree to observe and obey the above Terms and Conditions of MyWalkies, including any and all posted rules and warnings and to follow any oral instructions and directions given by the owners Robin and Denise Fernandes. I do hereby forever release Robin and Denise Fernandes and MyWalkies from and against any and all claims or damages, liabilities and causes of action of any nature, for injury or damage that my vehicle, I, my dog, my minor child or my guests (adult or child) may suffer, including specifically, but not limited to any injury or damage resulting from the action or inaction of any dog or its own owner or any participant, whether arising from negligence or any other reason or cause whatsoever. I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while walking our dog at MyWalkies and on the property of Robin and Denise Fernandes.